Below are some of the short stories I’ve written over the years.  Please be advised that some of the stories have mature content including: coarse or foul language, violence, and/or sexual content.

Your delicate sensibilities have been warned!

Baggie Exercises

These are the product of a writing exercise that used three plastic sandwich bags with slips of paper with writing on them.  The first baggie contained types of characters, the second were settings and the third contained actions the characters would be performing.  After randomly selecting one slip from each baggie, we were to write flash fiction in the span of ten minutes.  These were fun because they did not have to be perfect and the randomness yielded many interesting–and not so interesting–creative tidbits.  The point was to turn off the inner editor and just write without stopping until the timer went off.

Here are some of my better ones.

Dinner Date

This started out as a writing group exercise.  Like the Baggie Exercises, the group participating group members were given criteria with which to write, however it did not follow the standard character/setting/action template.  After an off-hand comment made by one of the members of how he’d love to see one of my characters pitted against the character of another member.

It was decided that we would each write a three to five page story featuring a serial killer and a cannibalistic soap opera actor/actress trapped on a deserted island.  Mine took a bit longer than the deadline of one week, but I like to think it came out a bit better than if I had rushed it.

I’ll let you be the judge.


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