I have always loved storytelling.

As a kid I often told myself stories to keep me company, but it was not until I was a teenager reading Stephen King novels that I truly began to believe that I could write stories to be shared with the world.

My passion for stories leads me to devour diverse media in my search for inspiring, entertaining–and sometimes a little subversive–tales of wonder, redemption, love and the never-ending struggle between the light and dark sides of our psyches.  These sources include books, movies, television, music and even video games.

It was not enough, however, to simply write stories of spies, warriors, or detectives.  Even as a child, I still felt as though there was something missing in those stories; sometimes it was fully realized female characters, sometimes it felt like there was only one cultural or racial perspective; still other times when sexual and gender “norms” were written about as if they were the only game in town.  Even as I was finding my writer’s voice, I fell into those same stagnant story tropes which made my writing flat, dull and ultimately uninteresting to me.

Now, while I’m not flawless, I do strive to be more inclusive–not just for my own satisfaction, but to show the many facets of humanity.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories and blog entries as much as I enjoyed writing them.



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