How Do You Do?

Inspiration comes from many different places and this one came from, well, a blog entry.

I have an interest in Minimalism and was searching online for resources to expand my knowledge of it and to get ideas on practical ways in which to simplify my life when I stumbled across

On there is an article about why people should start their own blogs.  Specifically, 15 reasons he thought we, as the reader, should start our own blogs.  As I was reading, my usual self-doubt began its favorite task of telling me why I couldn’t or shouldn’t follow Mr. Becker’s advice and encouragement.

What would I say?  Could I keep it up?  Would I run out of ideas? Do I really have anything worthwhile to say?

And my personal favorite:

They’re all gonna laugh at you–and not in the good way.

And then there’s the potential for Troll Traffic.  Oy, Trolls.

As has been reported, Monday, August 11, 2014, one of my heroes, Robin Williams was found dead from suicide.  A few days later, when his daughter Zelda Williams was tweeting about her loss, she was harassed by a people who had no sense of human decency.  This lack of humanity was demonstrated when they sent her photo shopped pictures of her father’s body.

No doubt these people (and I use that term quite generously in reference to internet trolls) thought it was funny and harmless.  Or, perhaps, they did actually want to cause harm, because they are in fact sociopathic, monstrous cowards.  Whatever the reason that they would do something so vile, the fact remains that they did in fact do it, and it was directed at someone who was understandably upset over the loss of a good man.

So, after once again reaffirming that some members of society are pigs, I again wondered if starting a blog would really be a good thing for my own mental health.

And then I realized that I was letting a few shit-stains in human-guise keep me from reaching out to people who might actually want to listen to me ramble about the weird stuff that falls out of my brain.

Haters gonna hate, Trolls gonna troll.

In the words of Carole King & Maurice Sendak from the album Really Rosie: And Pierre said, “I don’t care.”

So with that,

Welcome to my blog!

(Hmm, that wasn’t so hard. Maybe I won’t suck at this.)


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